About DEO - in English

About DEO - in English

The Democracy in Europe Organisation (DEO) is a liberal adult education organisation working to promote a participatory European democracy.

DEO strives to engage the general public in a nuanced debate on European politics and on the European union. Following a participatory democratic mind-set, our aim is to activate as many as possible in a versatile and open debate about the content and framework of the European Union.

DEO is a Danish liberal adult education organisation working for democracy in Europe. We are independent of political parties and EU bodies. We have no specific political agenda but aim to raise political questions, address problems and discuss European issues in our debates. We strive to engage the public in EU-matters and aim to create the framework for a rich democratic debate.

DEO is supported by the Danish Parliaments European Fund, Europa-Nævnet, and apply for additional funding for specific events as well. But we also rely on voluntary work and contributions in many of our activities.

DEO holds office in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rasmus Nørlem Sørensen is General Secretary of the organisation and the Head of Office here. We also have an office in Allingåbro, Djursland, where we have a conference centre at our disposal in collaboration with the NOTAT-foundation. In Allingåbro, Finn Ellegaard is the administrative leader.

Contact information:

The Democracy in Europe Organisation (DEO)
Nordkystvejen 2F, 8961 Allingåbro, Denmark
Mail: info@deo.dk
Phone: +45 70 26 36 66  

Projects & activities

PUBLIC MEETINGS. Each year we organise more than 40 public events ranging from debate meetings, seminars and conferences to panel debates. In 2015 we executed 58 public meetings in all parts of Denmark, wtith an average of 90 participants.

EDUCATION. Since 2009 we have been working with teacher training, development of learning materials and activities with students and pupils. You can find more information on the site: www.undervisning.deo.dk

STUDY TRIPS. Belgium/Bruxelles, France/Strasbourg, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. These  are some of our main destinations on our 6-10 political road trips each year. 

BOOKS. Every three months we publish a booklet on a problem or issue withing the framework of EU, democracy and Europe. About 3.000 people subscribe to the books as members of DEO.

DEMOCRACY DEPECHE. Every year on the 5th of June (Constitution Day) the Ebbe Kløvedal Reich Democracy Depeche is passed on to a new leading intellectual or public person, who is then obliged to promote democracy for the next year. 

Economy & funding

DEO is financially independent, financed by contributions from public funds, subsidies and revenue from the ticket sales to DEO´s activities, which include public meetings and study travels.

We receive a considerable share of our funds from Europa-Nævnet that supports EU-debate and information. From 2015-2017 we receive an annual contribution of DKK 1.050.000. In addition to this, we also receive sums for specific projects.

In 2014 and 2015 we received DKK 1.7 million and DKK 1.5 million from Europa-Nævnet, respectively. These grants funded two newspapers regarding the two referendums that were held in these years on the Unified Patent Court and the Danish opt-out on the Freedom, Security and Justice area. The newspapers reached 1 million and 800.000 Danish households, respectively.

DEO is a member of Danish Adult Education Association, which also provides some economic support.

Furthermore, we apply for financial support from other public and private funds for specific projects and activities. Among others, we have received grants from the Columbus Foundation, the EU Jean Monnet Programme, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and the Ministry of Culture in Denmark.

DEO has a very high activity level with more than 50 public debates and the publication of 3-4 debate books per year. This is only possible due to our many dedicated voluntary workers, and because of profit from our meetings where the attendance is high and DEO´s study tours.

Much of our income is based on the ticket sales for our study tours. However, there are correspondingly considerable expenses to hotels, transportation and other travel expenses. Due to DEO´s status as a non-profit organisation, our annual report breaks even.



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